Hello all,

I am trying to get a report to show all alerts that happened within a time frame on certain resources. Like a device goes down sends an alert, comes back up but would go back down again and I am wanting to have a report that reflects that. Is there anyway to have the reports be generated in some way or is it not possible to do so. Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided. 

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I have been using the alerts report currently and it has not shown what I was expecting to see. We would bring down a device and bring it back up and then would bring it back down and up again. I was wanting to see that in the report and it did not show up and it did not even update the began and end of the alerts that would have been generated. 

When setting up the report did you see the alerts in the preview? Check your filters to make sure the time range and filter include the alert time and other criteria. Also, check to see if the "Include preexisting alerts" checkbox is checked.

Alright thank you for that information did not even realize that was there. And with some of the current changes the checkbox changed to "cleared" instead of "include preexisting alerts" one. Thank you again for the help.

That may be. Just to be sure, there's the "cleared" filter, then there's a different option below the preview for including pre-existing alerts:

I now have both going thank you for that information I appreciate it.