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Hi Team,

I am wanting to create a report for TotalIOPS which on a dashboard I have is DiskReadsPerSec+DiskWritesPerSec on the dashboard widget. I would like to create a custom datapoint that can be applied to servers that can be pulled to a report just like any other DataPoint so that I can create a report showing IOPs for a specific point in time such as May 1st 6am to 6pm. Currently I can create a metric report showing Reads and Writes but not the operation to combine them for total IOPs. I did look at the Complex DataPoints page and saw the syntax but it does not give clear real world examples and I've never created a complex datapoint before. I keep getting an error stating either syntax is incorrect or the datapoints do not exist but I copied the datapoints from the widget. Any help would be appreciated!

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You'd go to the DataSource and add a complex datapoint called "totalIOPS". The expression is simply the sum of the two normal datapoints:

 DiskReadsPerSec + DiskWritesPerSec

The new complex datapoint would only have data going forward from the moment it's created.

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for your reply. I have used DiskReadsPerSec+DiskWritesPerSec and DiskReadsPerSec + DiskWritesPerSec (added spaces between the +). The first one I used before posting this question. Both give the same error "The expression is incorrect (there may be a syntax error or the use of non-existent datapoints)" Based on what I read it should just be the DataPoint1 + DataPoint2. Thats why I am confused on why it is not working. 

I may understand why it is not working, just would like confirmation. So the complex datapoint must be in the same datasource as the other datapoints that I am using in the expression, correct? Otherwise I would get the error they do not exist because the complex datapoint wouldn't be able to "read" data from other datasources, correct?

I have answered my own question, I was trying to put the expression in a DataSource that did not have the DiskReadsPerSec (I was using a DataSource that had been cloned and applied to a specific client). When I added the expression to the built in DataSource that has the correct DataPoints then it did not give the error. 

Oh yeah, for sure they have to be in the same DS.  ?