Can custom properties be used as widget filters or labels?

  • 6 November 2023
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We have some network interfaces we want to put on widgets, and we have a property set on a widget that has some custom info on it (a Circuit ID).

Is it possible to filter out interfaces based on whether or not this property has a value?

And can graph widgets use a custom property as a label or anything else?

I didnt see any reference to this when I looked at the widgets pages but I may have missed it.




Best answer by Joe Williams 6 November 2023, 16:56

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6 replies

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There is not a built in way to accomplish your ask this way. The closest you could get, is to have all of your interfaces named in a specific way to be able to glob match them.

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Thats what I was afraid of. The interfaces do all have one string in them I could use for the instance glob, but was hoping to pull a custom property as a label, or the presence of that label as a filter.

Oh well, thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

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Put in a feed for it. Many customers have asked for it over the years, but LM still hasn’t built it. Presumably waiting for UIv4 to finish rolling out with parity before adding new features.

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I want this to be a thing too. I’ve already submitted feedback. I really would love to know if this is something that is in the roadmap

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We use dynamic groups within a “Dashboard Dynamic Groups” folder to do exactly this thing… then you can get items in there using appliesto.  The drawback is that it is device level, not instance level… so if you’re using instance level properties, this won’t help you.

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yes, I’ve accomplished this with dynamic groups (and crafting custom AppliesTo funcitons), or using glob expressions which match instance names--as said above.