Anyone seen an Alerts page Header Graph error about java.lang.IllegalArgumentException?

  • 8 November 2023
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I have some users with a role that, over the weekend, suddenly get an error on the header graph of their alerts page:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid operator

I suspect someone may have changed their role, but nothing shows in the audit logs for that role being changed, but I also know their dashboard has some broken items that exist in the correct place. And I’m suspecting the header graph has aggregated alerts in the database somewhere referring to things they cant see anymore and so is throwing the error. Because when I view the same thing for all alerts on the system (including theirs) I have no problems (my user can see everything).


I’m just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this sort of thing before. Maybe its a known product bug, throwing the error on the alerts page instead of just not showing what it cant see.

1 reply

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Hi Lewis,

Thank you for raising this in the community.

I would like to know you that, we have not seen this error before and this has been raised to our Development team for further investigation.