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4 months ago

Workarounds for long ConfigSources?

I have a couple of devices where the Configis so long that the FortiOS Config shows “...Data Truncated...” in both the UI and the download. I looked in the code and so I know the limit and see that the ConfigSource is checking for a specific max size and displaying as much as it can (carving out room for the truncation message).

Anyway, I’m assuming this is some UI limit, or else LM’s code would have just printed sections back to back, until done.

So I’m wondering if anyone in the community has had the issue, and if anyone has a workaround?


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  • Yes, I did notice in the code that the size is 3145728 minus the size of ("...Data Truncated...") minus the size of (a line separator), And the user confirmed to me that their config files are more than that for a couple of their devices.

    So I suppose thats it, then. I would be tempted to make a custom one and just grab and display it in chunks, but maybe the UI itself has a limit. Hmm.

  • @Lewis Beard 

    Let me see what I can find out regarding any UI limitations.