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3 months ago

WMI Groovy Batch Script Group Processes by Instances


Has anyone ever tried to group processes over instances so we can populate the data in Table with instance as a column.

@Stuart Weenig any idea?

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  • Oh, i see. No that’s not possible. Very popular feature request though. Actually it came up recently and there was some verbiage in a recent community post that could be copied/pasted into the feature request system to request it again. Let me see if i can find it...

  • Essentially, I was thinking if there is a way to include instance as column however I realized then that it has to be used as a data point but instance is a string, is there any other way we can display data in table with instance as as its own column

  • Not sure i follow. The table widget shows one row per instance. Instance is not a string, it’s an instance object.

  • Yes for example process data can be populated like this. I have to concatenate instance name & VM Name Ex: ##INSTANCE##_##RESOURCENAME##

    Process Data

    I was wondering if we can have discreet columns for Instance and VM so data points can be sorted either by instance or VM (in case there are multiple VMs)  … currently as a workaround I put instance name first, so it can be sorted alphabetically by instance.