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6 years ago

Windows Patches needed


See details on my blog .  A DataSource that shows which Windows patches are needed. The patch names, and KB numbers show as instances and are grouped by Microsoft's 'classifications'. A special instance named 'summary' shows how many days since the last patch was installed and how many patches are needed.

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  • Hello,

    This is my selection it should be 43 items but I have only 23 machines after 12 hours which get the datasource!

    Looking in this issue



  • Hello,

    All servers in the group assigned for this datasource have different results:

    1. the datasource is populated but the "updatecount" remains blank 

    the datasource does not appear on the server:


    ANy idea for this various behavior?






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    WinRM is failing to connect to that server. Do you have WinRM enabled on that server and all the right credentials loaded into LM as properties on that device?

  • Apologies for reviving a somewhat old thread, this is working great for us so far
    I was just wondering if its possible to turn the data into a dashboard?

    As an example it would display / work something like this -

    Widget: Security Updates
    KB name/  information:  KB4579979
    Devices required: 5

    Then click the 5 would display the machines its required on

    Is something like this possible?