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3 years ago

Volume Capacity - Dynamic Threshold


Apparently I have started (enabled) the Dynamic Threshold on the Volume Capacity but I could not find where it was changed initially... I thought it was only on a specific device but I start to see more alerts coming out... 

ID: LMD257518899
Please click the following URL to acknowledge the alert (or paste it to the browser)

The filesystem M:\ on host SIPEEGFS1 is now 51.1644 percent used placing the resource into warn level, as of 2022-04-06 19:44:05 PDT.
Please free up some space, or adjust the thresholds for this volume.
This state has existed for 0h 0m.
Alert Description: Alert triggered by dynamic threshold: 100 percent of values of datapoint PercentUsed for last 5 polls deviated from upper band or lower band by a factor of 1.50, triggering in a warning alert

- I need to find out where it was enabled.

- I need to disable the dynamic threshold



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  • I could be wrong but i just went into one of my Volume Capacity alert tuning and enabled it.  Then i reviewed the Audit Log to see what the message was that logged.   Search your audit log for a message containing the following ....

    "Enabled Trigger alerts on datapoint PercentUsed for dynamic thresholds"

    This found the log that I generated turning this on.  Hope this helps.