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29 days ago

VMWare Check Datastores for unusual files/file extensions.

I am looking to implement a some form of monitoring for when files on a datastore become renamed or appear with file extensions that are not part of a predefined list(.vmdk, .vmx, etc...).  

The 2 ways I am considering are via a config source or just a regular datasource and I am trying to weigh out the pros and cons of each.  

I don't think using SSH with a config source will work because our monitoring accounts are all read only and I'm not sure if that level of permissions includes SSH access.  On the other hand a config source can check quickly and effectively where as using a datasource with Active Discovery is limited to 15 minutes if it were in fact wanting to discover new instances of files with abnormal file extensions.

Can you implement a config source that uses the SDK like the legacy VMWare modules in lieu of SSH?  Looks like you can.  That might be the way to go.  Looks like I would want to use "HostDatastoreBrowser" from the SDK.  

What would you guys do?  

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