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5 years ago

Virtual Datapoints in Reports


I have just started working with Reports. To fetch the trend of each Metric with respect to each Device, I have choose the report type "Resource Metric Trends Report". This Report type have options only to select the Datasource, Instance and the necessary Datapoints.

I am trying to fetch Percentile values of necessary datapoints respect to devices. To the dashboard, I use virtual datapoints to do the required aggregate functions and get the results. But in Reports, I cannot see the option to apply the aggregate functions to the datapoints.

I would like to know how to do the customisation to the datapoints for fetching the necessary aggregate values in Reports. Could anyone please help me on this?

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  • I'm not sure it's possible with the standard reports. The standard reporting functionality in general is rather limited in imho. Most of the time I use Dashboard Reports instead, as dashboards are more flexible. You can create Complex Datapoints directly in the DataSources themselves but I'm not sure it will provide you with the aggregate functionality you want.