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29 days ago

Using !snmpdiagnose

I've been having a play with the !snmpdiagnose command in collector debug.  I assume I should be providing the OID I want to query at the end of the command, like you would with the !snmpwalk command.

It seems to ignore whatever OID I put at the end though, and always tries to query .  I've tried it with and without the leading dot.  If I use !snmpwalk with the same OID, I get the results I'm expecting, so I know the OID is on the device.

What am I doing wrong here?


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  • SNMP diagnose only requires the host name. It checks standard oids to make sure they are available and that SNMP is working. 


    help !snmpDiagnose

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      I guess the things I'm testing against (Cisco Meraki's cloud based SNMP service) doesn't respond to some of the standard OIDs it's checking for.

      help !snmpDiagnose seems to give me the same output as just doing !snmpdiagnose, which suggests I should be able to specific oids at the end of the command, like you do with snmp.


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        Hi Dave, 

        You're correct, you may include specific OIDs that you would like to check following the <host> and separated by spaces, as in the help file you mentioned above.

        You may also override the other SNNP settings using the "options" parameters before the <host>. Any parameters not specified will be pulled from the <host> Resource or the setting in the Collector Config / agent.conf settings.

        agent.conf Collector Settings

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  • Fair enough... I guess that is a pretty standard one and it's just that the Meraki SNMP service thing is a bit of a corner case in that it doesn't respond on it.

    Thanks for the clarification.  I'll make a note in our internal meraki doc.

  • Hi Eric

    That's what I thought but it doesn't seem to be working for me.  Despite providing an OID at the end of the command, it seems to still query a different (I assume a default) OID.


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      The standard use case for `!snmpDiagnose` is to just provide the hostname of the device you want to test. It'll pull the snmp creds from the device in LM and do some basic testing, along with pinging.

  • There's not actually anything wrong with the Meraki SNMP connection I'm using - I'm just trying to write up some notes for troubleshooting / testing this for colleagues who might find themselves trying to solve these issues.

    It seems as though the documentation for !snmpdiagnose should be revised if it doesn't actually accept OID as an option, or will only query a given OID if it can first find the one it looks for by default.

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      It does look like there is a "Step 2 : Detect special oid - <oid_provided>" which will check your provided oid, but as your not making it past Step 1, it looks to not be trying to use it.