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2 years ago

Update Multiple Global Data Source's Data Points

Hey there, I have over 100 Global Data Source’s Data Points that I need to change the name and threshold and was curious if this is possible with the API? So far, I have been able to grab all the Dat...
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    2 years ago

    I don’t have a specific answer to your questions. As the portal itself uses the API, I suggest you use the browser’s web tools (F12), make a change to a datapoint and see what calls it makes (network tab). I would guess it does a complete POST of the whole datasource and not just PATCH of the datapoint but I haven’t tried.

    But I do have a concern about making so many changes to 100’s of DataSources. It takes a lot of effort to keep LM DataSources up-to-date and making changes like renaming Datapoints sounds like a real headache to maintain over time. I don’t suggest renaming Datapoints to just make it look nicer if that is the concern. Changing thresholds is more understandable but also keep in mind you can make threshold changes by using the Alert Tuning tab at the group (or perhaps even root) level also. Just to point out alternate options to consider for your situation.