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13 days ago

UIv4 DataSource editor - calm down dear!


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  • I don't mind the previews, or for them to have random data.  It's having them update with new random data at 60 fps that I object to.

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      The previews shouldn't be animated at all. What browser are you seeing this in?

      *Spoke to dev team, apparently this WAS a bug but was very quickly noticed and fixed.

      On a side note, I appreciate whatever trouble you went through to immortalize this in a GIF.

  • Test: please ignore.

    (Quick test if I've been completely banned, or am simply unable to start new topics.)

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      Hi David! In response to your test message above, are you having issues creating new discussion posts? Happy to help out however I can!

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        Here's what I was trying to post.  I got the error shown.