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6 months ago

Typo in several modules fixed

FYI, LM pushed out a bunch of modules containing a typo in one of the tokens in the alert message. ##DESCRIPTION## isn’t a valid token and ##DSIDESCRIPTION## should be used instead. This has been corrected in the following modules:

  • Aruba_ClearPass_AccessAuthorization
  • Aruba_ClearPass_DiskMemoryUsage
  • Aruba_ClearPass_NetworkTraffic
  • Aruba_ClearPass_PolicyServer
  • Aruba_ClearPass_ProtocolStats
  • AWS_ElasticTranscoder
  • CiscoSLA_jitter-
  • Logstash_ConfigReload_Stats
  • NetApp_7mode_SnapshotScheduler
  • OpenGear SerialPort
  • VMware_ESXi_HardwareHealthSensor
  • VMware_vCenterAppliance_Backup
  • VMware_VCSA_BackupInstances
  • Whois_TTL_Expiry
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