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11 months ago

Tripp Lite UPS monitoring

Hello, I was wondering, what would be the best way to monitor a Tripp Lite UPS? LM has OOB stuff for APC, Liebert, etc, but not Tripp Lite. I was in one of the LM webinars not too long ago that show...
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    11 months ago

    I just created a suite of addition EatonUPS DSs based of the XUPSMIB. I guess technically, it’s not limited to those. I just wasn’t getting very much data out of the built in one. If you’re interested, i’ll push it up to github.

    Since you have the OIDs (though not seeing it in SMI MIB format is a little odd, but that’s ok), you should be able to just bang through it by brute force. 

    Note that any OIDs in that list that end in .x will need to be multi-instance with active discovery. So for example the tlpATSCircuit table. You’ll need to specify as the “SNMP OID” for dicovery, using Discovery Type: wildcard (because there doesn’t appear to be an OID with the circuit names, only numbers).

    Then your datapoint for tlpATSCircuitInputVoltage would use multiline key-value pairs and look like this: