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2 years ago

Transparency of TimeTicks

Hi all, Is there a way of ingesting data through a DS that can accommodate the northbound data tick?

Assuming we’re talking to an element manager and the EMS has it’s own 9:00/9:05/9:10/etc timestamps, is there a DS template that will allow LM to use that existing time tick in it’s DS rather than applying the LM ‘Poll time’? Reason for the question: 
We may need to recover from a connection interuption/delay between EMS and LM and cant simply discard intervening data ticks



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  • Not with a datasource. Datasource data cannot be backfilled, nor future filled. Eventsources can, but I’m guessing that’s not what you’re looking for.

  • Thanks Stuart. In this case we’re specifically chasing the metric info so it’s good to have some confirmation on what directions are open to us.