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2 years ago

Terraform Provider 2.0.3 - 'extra' Statement Always Modifying

Using the Logicmonitor Terraform provider (version 2.0.3).

When I apply a configuration, subsequent plans/applies seem to indicate there will always be changes for an `extra` property that, by all indications, should only apply to 'cloud' resources. See example here:

  # module.devices_by_region.logicmonitor_device_group.datacenters["LAB1"] will be updated in-place
  ~ resource "logicmonitor_device_group" "datacenters" {
        id                          = "740"
        name                        = "LAB1"
        # (25 unchanged attributes hidden)

      - extra {
          - devices = [] -> null


When I try to 'pre-fill' this property, it's just a rabbit hole of then needing to specify all of the other properties, the properties of those properties, etc, which tells me that this might just be a bug that needs to be corrected in a future release. Before opening an issue at the GitHub repo for this, I wanted to find out if anyone had better experience with Terraform in this space and could perhaps tell me of a way to work around this.