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4 years ago

Table Widget: Filter results showing 0 or only display results >0


As the post title says, I'm trying to figure out how to NOT display anything in a certain widget that would return a 0.  Specifically, we are using the VMwareSnapshots datasource to display a table of potential snapshots and their age.  Currently, the table just displays the list of VMs in the datasource regardless of them having a snapshot or not.  

The expression being used to display snapshots is (Age)/24.  Is there anyway to adjust the expression to display snapshots that return a value greater than 0?  Ideally I would want to just see the snapshots widget title bar with nothing below it if there aren't any snapshots to report, or no widget at all


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    Not that i know of (I want that capability too). Your only option would be to sort by that value so that the ones of interest show up at the top. You should submit this as a feature request. I know it's been submitted before, but every submission helps justify prioritization.