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9 months ago

SYSVOL Replication

Hi All,

I am new to this, but I am wondering can LogicMonitor monitor SYSVOL replication ?

If so, where are the datasources for it ?

I need to monitor the replication traffic in bytes.



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  • If you haven’t found modules in the exchange that already do this, these are the standard questions I ask myself in order to get started building the module(s):

    1. How do i get the data today? Do i log into a website and go to a certain page? Do i SSH into the device and run a command and look at the output?
    2. Once you have the answer to #1, ask how you might be able to do that in a scripted manner. If it’s SSH, use Expect or JSch. If you run a PS script, use remoting or WMI. If it’s a website, find out if that website uses an API on the back end and figure out if you can use that API also with some HTTP GETs or POSTs.
    3. Then write your script. Test it out first on your machine, then on the collector, then in the collector debug, then in the datasource using the “test script” button. Put your credentials as properties on the device so that you’re not hard coding them into the script.
    4. Don’t forget to build graphs.
  • We’ve been working on trying to solve this as well.  No solid plan for our environments yet.