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2 months ago

storage monitoring

We have Hitachi Vantara and IBM enterprise storage solutions.  LM does not have datasources for either Manufacture.  

Does anyone else have these storage solutions and monitoring in place for them with LogicMonitor?  

Also don't seem to see anything in the community datasources as well. 

Looking at competitors like Solarwinds they have support for both OOTB.   

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  • I don't see anything specifically for those, but that doesn't mean much. Many device vendors support common MIBs so that specific monitoring doesn't have to be built. If Hitachi and IBM are that way (possible), the built in standard modules would cover this monitoring. The way to test would be to request a trial from LM and see what data it can give you given the built in stuff.

    Something else to consider: many monitoring vendors, like SolarWinds, are the only ones that can build monitoring into their product. If the monitoring isn't OOTB built by SolarWinds, you're out of luck. 

    LM isn't that way; you can build modules very easily, provided the device vendor made it possible to get at the data programmatically. Most of the time, the difficulty in building monitoring for metrics not already collected comes down to the device vendor's choice to use non-standard methods for data collection, undocumented APIs, or simply not providing a way outside their own UI to get at the data.

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      Thanks for the reply.  We are already customers of LM so no trial needed.   OOTB we are getting nothing with LM which stinks.  It is all going to have to be custom built (unless LM would build something).  

      Guess i am going to have to find time to look into building it myself.  Was hoping maybe someone else reads this and already has a solution in place to share ideas with.  

      I took at look at SolarWinds Storage monitoring and IBM and Hitachi are both available OOTB, which is nice.   I used SolarWinds a long time ago before their big security issue.  I thought it was a good product.  

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        One thing I've done in the past was to find out which OIDs SW was pulling. An SNMP DS can be pretty easily built around that.