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4 years ago

SLA demonstration counter

Hi all,

I'm struggling in order to obtain, in a "custom" datapoint, the percentage of the service availability relative to a time interval in which a certain datapoint has assumed a specific value.

In other words...

Let's take the "HeartbeatStatus" datapoint of the "VMware_vCenter_VMStatus" datasource: it's output can be 0 (if ok) or >= 1 (if not ok). I'm looking for a way to count the percentage, within a preceoncerted time interval, in which the datapoint takes on a certain value, for example "during the last 30 days, HeartbeatStatus has been 0 (ok) 98% of the time".

It's a sort of SLA demonstration.

Is there a way to obtain that metric with regular expressions on a complex datapoints, or even inside a widget?


Many thanks



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    Complex datapoints will only take into consideration data obtained from the current poll and won't look at previous values. The only exception is the delta datapoints. You could probably do some cumulative averaging to get this to work, but it'd be a bit complicated and difficult for anyone coming after to follow.

    Have you looked at the SLA widget for dashboards?