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3 years ago

service status page monitoring

Cloud services (e.g. Azure, Slack, Teams, generally provide a status page indicate the respective service's current health as well as updates. Has anyone tried to monitor and dashboard these with LM? As a point of reference, there are services like StatusGator that do this. I'm not sure if LM Websites is robust enough, but maybe I'm missing something. Webhook/push functionality would be helpful here. Any ideas?

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  • I believe LogicMonitor has build-in ones for AWS and Azure, and I think also Zoom? May have more. It's doable via custom coding but likely not in some generic way since various service have different types and design of status pages. LM's website monitoring is really meant for monitoring a website and verify it's up and working, but not for extracting information from a website.


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    This is exactly what our SaaS monitoring is for. Although, you can do it through a datasource involving your own collector if you want. By using our SaaS monitoring option, you get the advantage that we are checking it from outside your environment. Go to the exchange and browse the "Lite Monitoring" section. Most of these are built off of, which is what quite a few major services use for their status page hosting (including LogicMonitor). Reach out to your admins or your CSM if you don't have access.

    This started right around the beginning of the pandemic when I was asked to build some monitoring of the Zoom status page. Once we built the one for Zoom, it supported just about any service whose status page was hosted by