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7 months ago

SAP ERP Job Monitoring - inside SAP console

Can LM monitor the SAP ERP Job (background jobs) for their status/availability ? . I don’t find any module except SAP HANA in LM. 

Please help me with any insights to get this done as a custom datasource

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  • Unfortunately, i don’t have any experience with that particular tech.

    However, your question isn’t “can LM do X?”. Your question is actually, “Does LM already have a module to do X?”. You’ve actually already answered that question by looking through the exchange for a module that does it finding nothing. 

    So your question is now, “Has anyone built a module that does this and not posted it to the exchange? If so, where could I find it?”

    If the answer to that is no, your next question would be, “how would i build such a module?"

    To get you started, you’d need to figure out how to get at the data in a programmatic way. How would you get that data today manually as a human? Would you log into a web UI and look at something there? Would you issue a command via SSH? Would you run a PowerShell script? The answer to that will determine how you proceed.

    Also, look at JobMonitors.

  • Hi @Prabakaran

    Unfortunately, We do not currently have any Core DataSource to monitor SAP ERP Jobs. However, you might consider submitting a Feature Request Ticket. You may do so via the "Feedback" option under the "Contact Support" section in your account.