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5 months ago

Resource Property Filters on the New UI Preview

What exactly is “Resource Property Filters” in the new UI Preview, I tried and tested by creating two filters but I could not make them interdependent or linked to each other example based on what yo...
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    5 months ago

    Also, i’m not sure why, but not all properties are available. I just tried adding a filter for the property we use as our tenant identifier. Not sure why it couldn’t find it because it’s guaranteed to be on every device. It is an inherited property so maybe that’s it?

    Hey @Stuart Weenig 

    That is correct, in the current iteration of the resource property filters, as well as the new resource explorer they do not work with inherited properties.  

    As to the specific situation you said wasn’t working.  If you have set up your tenant identifier to match that property in the Account Information → Portal Settings section of your portal.  You can use the property “system.tenant.identifier” to group your resources by tenant.  

    As far as other custom properties go, I know this is not a perfect solution, but there is always the option to make a very simple PropertySource to turn your custom inherited properties into making them usable in the filters.  The below code for example could be used to grab an inherited location property and turn it into an