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4 years ago

Report showing datasources/datapoints with critical threshold

It doesn't look like there is a canned report for this and something could be written against the  API I'm sure,  but I'm looking for a way to report on all datasources and datapoints where a critical threshold has been set.  We are essentially trying to determine all datapoints where an alert would route through a particular escalation chain.  Any thoughts on this?  Thanks.

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  • Have you tried the alert threshold report?  You cannot be very granular in which type of threshold you select, but if you export to CSV and open with Excel or equiv, you could probably create a data filter on anything that has a critical threshold defined (based on how many words are in the threshold). Or just write a script to dump the CSV lines that match the critical threshold pattern.

    It may take a while to execute :).  I just tried it with HTML (by mistake) and the page started to render, then crashed the tab.