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3 years ago

Remove/delete a category from many resources

Hi all,

I created a PropertySource a while back that sets a specific category on a bunch of devices but I've tweaked it since then to use two separate (more specific) categories on the devices instead of one (generic) one.

Problem is now I still have the original category set on all these devices and I'd like to do some cleanup to prevent confusion.

I know removing a category can be done via API and I've started looking into this but...  Seems to be overly convoluted for this simple task.

So I think my question is: Is there a way to remove a category using a PropertySource?  Since you can add categories via PropertySources, it'd be logical that you can remove them as well but I didn't find a way to do this.

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  • I did a quick test and the normal auto properties it created does get removed, but categories don't change. If you change the category value it just adds the value as a new category with the old one. Removing the category from the script output completely it doesn't change at all. Yeah, seems system.categories is special.

    P.S. I also verified that you are still not able to set the "location" property this way, it just creates an "auto.location" property.

  • I'm not aware of a way to do that myself. The API is likely your best bet. I would be worth submitting a feedback to LM to suggest the option to remove a category (seems useful to me too!).

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    I may be misunderstanding the issue (or thinking of regular properties, system.categories not being a regular property), but if the propertysource doesn't specify it anymore, it should remove it. Again, that may be a symptom of system.categories not being a 'normal' property.

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    Yes, you'd have to use the API to set the location property.

    Bummer about system.categories. That may have been why i started shying away from categories as a way of tagging devices. It's overloaded. 

  • I think there is a good reason for categories to not get deleted "automatically".


    •  You have a PropertySource that sets one or more categories based on discovery that it runs against a device
    • One day, that device is having issues when the PropertySource runs and one or more of the discovery steps don't produce the expected results

    In this case, you wouldn't want the categories set by the PS to disappear, as that could affect your monitoring/alerting/etc.  So I see why it doesn't automatically remove them when a PS doesn't set them.  But it'd be nice to have an easier way to do cleanup...  Guess I'll have to do the deep-dive into the API (which I need to do at some point anyway)...


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    Yeah, i see what you mean. I just wish it were consistent. If a PS sets a property then the PS later doesn't set the property it gets removed.