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2 years ago

Raspberry Pi Collector Alternative

There still isn’t an ARM release of the Collector available, so it cannot be installed easily on a Raspberry Pi, but every now and then there’s someone who wants to put a collector on a very small, inexpensive computer in order to support a small number of network devices or other equipment in a remote site or for other reasons. 

Has anyone got a favorite intel-based single board or very inexpensive computer they’ve used for this?

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  • An Intel NUC or refurb HPE/Dell SFF system would seem to fit the bill.  Depending on how patient you are you can get refurb desktops for $100-200 that will far outpace what a RPi could potentially do.

  • You can buy five scrap laptops at Discount Electronics for $100. You’re almost guaranteed to get at least 2 that have enough juice to run a small collector.