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3 years ago

RabitMQ doesn't display statistics counters in queues


I have a following configuration for RabbitMQ counters in LogicMonitor 

rabbitmq.apiurl           https://OPPERFRIGARMQ1:15671/api

rabbitmq.pass             opRabbitAdmin

rabbitmq.port             15671

rabbitmq.user              opRabbitAdmin

system.categories        RabbitMQ,MicrosoftIIS,ConsulServer

---> RabbitMQ service is running on the windows node (cluster 2+1 with quorum)


The LogicMonitor shows empty statistic counters:  (for any queue)

I the same time, appropriate Managment UI is working perfect  (port 15671) with full queues statistics:


I tried to change ports 15671 to 15672 and vice versa, but it doesn't help

May be something is missing in RabbitMQ configuration in LogicMonitor?

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