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5 months ago

Process Monitoring

 Hi  @Stuart Weenig  Thank you for your awesome work! I was able to use the Win_Process_Stats_Groovy.xml file for creating data source for Process.
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    5 months ago

    Standard troubleshooting: do you see the instances you expect? You have to make sure Active Discovery has completed successfully before you even work about data. You’re showing a raw data tab, which you’d only see after the instances were discovered, so i’m assuming you see your desired processes.

    What does poll now show? If poll now shows data, but there are no rows on the raw data tab, check to make sure your timeframe filter isn’t showing a time in the past before the instances existed. Select your timeframe and make sure it shows either last hour or default.

    If you still don’t see any rows in raw data, that’s a serious problem with LM. If LM is scheduling the task and it’s failing, you’d see rows with “no data” in each column. The fact that you’re not seeing any rows at all would be troubling and deserving of a support call.