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3 months ago

Oracle jdbc JAR file update

LogicMonitor's collector utilizes an outdated version of the Oracle JDBC jar file. It's essential to upgrade to the most recent version available in the Maven repository to take advantage of new secure database connection types. However, users should note a significant change in behavior with the new jar: while the old version automatically closed abandoned Oracle database connections, the new version does not, potentially leading to an excessive number of open connections. This surge in open connections can overload and crash an Oracle server where connections aren’t limited by user. Therefore, clients must either ensure that customizations explicitly close database connections or adjust their server settings to impose limits on the number of concurrent open connections.  All of the newest Logicmonitor datasources properly close connections but some of the older modules did not do this.  Logicmonitor has created a module to test for this problem and alert if it occurs. Oracle_Database_MonitorUser will keep track of the number of connections in use by the monitoring user and alert if the number of connections is too high.  This update is scheduled for collector 35.400.  Make sure this module is installed before upgrading to collect 35.400 and monitor your database connections before rolling this out to general release.

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