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10 months ago

"Operation not supported" when adding a data source.

I have deleoped my own metric (a small PHP script which is served by PHP-FPM and should be fetched by the HTTP method). The script supports active discovery, because the returned datapoints vary among monitored instances. However, when having finished filling out the form to create a new data source, an error message tells me “Operation not supported”. Sorry, there is no clue about what exactly the error is. Can someone help me out in this?

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  • Hey @Robert Ehrenleitner 

    Have you reached out to the LogicMonitor support team for this issue?

    This may be something we need to take to our product teams to understand if this functionality should be available currently.  However, as a temporary solution you can still add DataSources through the settings page for DataSources.  

    This doc here walks through the creation of the DataSource on that page: 

  • Hey @Robert Ehrenleitner 

    So, just to give a visual to maybe help, although you are right that it may be permission related. 

    On the modules page, you should see a cog in the left sidebar, it may be hidden under a set of vertical dots:

    My Module Toolbox Page

    If you were to click on that cog, you are taken to the settings page, which will have the DataSource option in the sidebar.  Once you click on DataSource, you have an option for Add → DataSource.  This will allow you to access the UIv3 DataSource editor and add the DataSource that way:

    Settings Page

    If you do end up submitting a support ticket, you can DM me that number and I can follow up there with you!

  • Thank you, I have followed exactly the article you linked, I walked through the addition of a new data source from Exhange → Installed Modules. I do not see the settings page though, which is mentioned in the article, although I believe this should not have an effect. I guess have to ask my coworker who may have more permissions than I do.

  • Thank you, looked like a permission problem.

    This is a datasource with active discovery, nevertheless I need to add a datapoint. I added some useless datapoint (just interpreting the HTTP status) code. If I do not add this useless datapoint, I get an error that at least one datapoint needs to be added.

    So, after adding the useless datapoint, I get the next nothing-saying error that a value must be specified - but I do not see which value is missing.