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4 years ago

NOC Widget For Monitoring Cisco LWAPP


I'm trying to find an easy way to monitor the status of Cisco lightweight access points for our Help Desk. Specifically I just want to know if they are reachable or not (ICMP is fine) and show green or red if they are or are not.

I have something working today that will list out all access points for a specific site on a single widget, however it only show up if the access points are online. If an access point fails it doesn't go red on the widget it just gets removed entirely. This has to do with the instance being removed from the controller as the access point in no longer registered.

Curious what other have done to monitor Cisco lightweight APs. Worse case I can use Prime, however I'm trying to not have too may tools in play and make it as easy as possible for our HD folks.



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    Which DataSource is populating the widget you're using now? You could go to that DS and turn off the automatic deletion of objects. 

    You could definitely do something custom where you roll your own DS that discovers the items in the same way you do now. Output some dummy data for each discovered instance as part of your collection script, then setup a no data alert on that datapoint. I did something similar with LM's list of web check source IP's: