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4 months ago

New Alert Threshold Options In Portal 200

We were reading through the new alert threshold options coming up and we are very excited. This will solve a ton of our problems and allow us to be more agile for our clients. Being able to control alert interval at various levels now and controlling no data is awesome!

1 issue tho. The continued bad design around UI v4.I use 4k monitors at 100%. Why in the world is the threshold adjustment so tiny and hard to work with? Now truthfully I don’t always go around maximizing my browser windows, but still. This feels like so much wasted space.

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  • Yeah, i’ve had lots of issues with spacing in uiv4 as well. Times where there’s literally inches of whitespace and a horizontal scroll bar on the content squeezed into a box that is too small. My guess is that they probably set the widths in px instead of % and didn’t use things like min-width and max-width.