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5 months ago

Need help on PaloAlto_FW_RunningConfigXML API configsource

Currently, the sole option is to collect/view the configuration xml when a change occurs.

So,Is there a way in LM to generate a report using the PaloAlto_FW_RunningConfigXML API configsource?

or Is it possible to collect the configuration backup at any specific time interval? 

Thanks in advance :) 

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  • The backup happens every hour (by default). If there is a difference, then it backs it up. If there isn’t a change, there isn’t a point in backing it up. Why save it, then discard what you already have?

  • Yeah, the configsource is running at regular intervals. What you see in the UI are the versions of the config. If the version of the config it fetches right now matches the version you already have, no need to keep it in LM.

    Check the “Last Checked” and “Last Updated’ timestamps.

    • Last Checked is the last time LM went to the device and grabbed the config.
    • Las Updated is the last time the config changed.