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8 months ago

"name": "module.ShaValueChanged", "detail": "Collector exported jar or executable is changed/modified


Can anyone give a reason for the erroe/warning in the collector modules status that says:

"name": "module.ShaValueChanged",

"detail": "Collector exported jar or executable is changed/modified


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  • evecaviedes , if you're seeing this error, it's likely something like anti-virus is changing some of the collector's files. Make sure you exclude the program directory for the collector and reinstall the collector (grab the download for the existing collector from the collectors page).

  • Hi MarkP, I am having the same issue. Can you tell me please how it was fix?

  • I would raise a support case. But from what I am reading, something is changing core files to the collector. It could be MDR/EDR or something else.