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18 days ago

Monitoring Top 10 processes on Windows and Linux platforms

I'm exploring monitoring the top 10 processes by resource usage on Linux and Windows systems.

I'm aware there are modules available to monitor specific processes - but was curious as to whether anyone has had the same requirement and created a module.

My thinking is to create instances for each process of the top 10 - but right now I am still busy brainstorming...

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  • Thanks Stuart - but if I am not mistaken this would not limit what is returned to the top 10 based on resource usage (cpu or mem) but rather return metrics for either the processes specified, or all processes?

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      Correct, but since the top 10 can change from minute to minute, you can't just track the top 10. You have to track all of them and do the top 10 based on the data you gather, judging which will be the top 10 on more than just what are the top 10 at the moment.