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11 months ago

Monitoring Microsoft Teams Rooms

We’ve been adding a lot of collaboration A/V tech to our office. We’re already monitoring Zoom Rooms via the Zoom SaaS Cloud monitoring (which isn’t great as it’s visibility is only per room, not per...
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    11 months ago

    Good afternoon @djAesthetic, you’re correct that as of this moment there are no core modules geared towards collecting metrics related to MS Teams Rooms. Investigating our community, it doesn’t appear there are any modules or attempts to gather data related to rooms.

    With that said, it does look like room data can be gathered via the Graph API, which we already use for collecting other O365 data. Along those lines, I’d suggest submitting a feature request via feedback to push to get this added to our monitoring suite, but in the meantime, you should be able to create a custom module that calls the aforementioned API to pull room data into LogicMonitor.