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4 years ago

Monitoring Avaya IPO Systems


I am trying to add some monitoring in for an Avaya IPO system.  From what i read this is something that we should be able to do but I am not finding that discovery is not identifying anything more than the host status and SSL certificates applied.

Are there certain system properties and or features that i have to enable on the collector in order to obtain some deeper inventory/monitoring functionality?

Thanks in Advance!

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    The only out of the box Datasource i'm aware of is AvayaCNASystem. It requires a system category of "AvayaCNA", which is set by an SNMP sysOID map. As long as you have SNMP working to your Avaya CNA box, it should work. I don't see any other out of the box or community Avaya Datasources available in the exchange.

    Can you link to what you've read?

  • Unfortunately not much other than the standard LogicMonitor Advertisements...

    I saw a Reddit post that made me think that this was something that was able to be setup...

    But aside from that i am not really finding much.  Thought maybe I was missing something.

    From your post though it seems that I should be able to enable and connect via SNMP after that apply the AvayaCNA for the system category and then the Datasource should auto-apply?

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    That's right. The SysOID map looks at the SysOID and applies the AvayaCNA category to the device. Once that category is there, the CNA DS will apply and the collector will receive the tasks to monitor those OIDs from that device.