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5 years ago

Monitor RDP Gateway Active Client Count?


We have a Windows server that has the the Remote Desktop Gateway role to allow users to RDP into. Does anyone know of anyway to monitor the active users count connected to this via LogicMonitor? Currently, we are just monitoring the Remote Desktop Gateway service to determine if it is running. 



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    There should be one called "Terminal Services" out of the box that will do this.  See if you can find it in your list of datasources and make sure the appliesto includes your server.

  • @Stuart Weenig Thank you very much for clarifying this and for the quick response! I didn't realize it was already a datasource being collected. 

  • We recently started monitoring our RDP server and found the Terminal Services counts don't match what we see on the server. Montiring is showing 5 active connections, but I see 165 on the server.  

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    I'd bring that up with support. I'm not very familiar with that particular datasource, so they will likely get to the bottom of it pretty quickly.