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19 days ago

Method for password/token rotation for SNMP v3 credentials?

Hi. We are about to get all our servers on SNMP v3. We have it working with no issues on some test servers. 

I wanted to know if there is a recommended method for rotating these credentials within Logicmonitor, or if we will have to write something ourselves to rotate the credentials?

Thank you

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  • For some of our customers, we have groups where the creds are stored and cycle the devices into different groups when the creds change. So for example, you could have groups for cred set A and cred set B with the creds set as properties on each. When it's time to switch over, you could move the devices that have creds B configured from group A to group B. Be sure to set an SDT window.

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      Thank you for the response. If the snmp credentials for a device change in logicmonitor, will it also update the data in the conf files on the device with the new credentials? Or would that have to be done separately?