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9 months ago

Making instance groups more useful

My environment relies heavily on monitoring different groups of instances. At this time, I’m not able to use these instance groups in alert rules or reporting and this has been a pain point for my team. I’ve also tried grouping the instances with the same monitoring needs into a service, but a service won’t accept the number of instances I need to keep together. I would love to see instance groups have more utility and be used in most of the same ways that resource groups are able to be used. Is this something that will be implemented any time soon?

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  • Being able to set (and keep) thresholds on instance groups from the DS and/or group level would allow us to consolidate our “network interfaces alerting” and “network interfaces informational” datasources (which are clones except that one has thresholds and the other doesn’t) into a single DS.

    Being able to use instance groups in alert rules would help because we’d have the interfaces sorted manually into either “alerting” or “informational” groups and only route alerts on the alerting ones.

  • Sure can!
    The one that is presenting the biggest challenge for me right now is with Network Interfaces on switches/routers. We need to monitor a specific subset of interfaces to report on various statistics as a group. This is part of some very important decision making processes and right now I can make the instance groups but not really use them.

    In the future, I would also see a use case for instance groups for wireless controllers. We have a controller that we use for multiple organizations we support and it would be useful to use instance groups to report on access points (and possibly more) by organization. For some of our larger orgs it would also be helpful to break out a long list of access points by specific buildings. This would be for both Cisco and Aruba wireless controllers, I’m not sure of specific datasources on these as we are focused on routing and switching right now.

  • Could you please provide the most common example of the types of instance groups? Perhaps a specific DataSource?