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3 years ago

LogicMonitor user in MS SQL Server Error

We are getting frequent error as stating below

Microsoft SQL Server on has a configuration problem or has a logon error placing the device into error level.

Please review the instance name and take appropriate action:
SQL2016SSRS user ORDS\logicmonitor.svc is sysadmin. This is not recommended

Checked the SQL Server and we have not given sysadmin rights to LogicMonitor user

Your timely help will greatly appreciated.



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  • I'm not sure about this exact issue but looking at the Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter DataSource code, LM checks for sysadmin access by using the below SQL statement and checking if userstatus = 1 (basically). Perhaps logicmonitor.svc is part of a group that is sysadmin?

    SELECT IS_SRVROLEMEMBER('sysadmin', SYSTEM_USER) as userstatus