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5 years ago

LogicMonitor to Kibana (ElasticSearch)

Hello, I'm new with LogicMonitor. Need help on how to find where is logs directory located?

I have to configure Filebeat (Elastic) and need to populate the path value. I believe the path value is based on the LogicMonitor logs directory (no?)

Well I have no knowledge on LogicMonitor at all and can't find reference in Elastic to related to integration between this two apps. Appreciate any help if you have experience with integration between LogicMonitor and Kibana (Elastic). The ultimate goal is to be able visualize data in Kibana from LogicMonitor data.

Huge thanks!

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    The logs aren't likely going to have data that LogicMonitor has collected. If you want that, you'll need to have Kibana reach out to the LM API

    If the goal is to gather stats from the collector log files, you can get that from the collector, based on the install directory chosen during installation. More details here:

    On my collector, the logs are in /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/logs

  • Many thanks, Stuart for the reply. Let me take a look! I really appreciate this!