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12 months ago

LogicMonitor session timeouts

Since early this week, I’m unable to maintain my session to the LogicMonitor portal. I have to re-login frequently, and often also need to reconnect with 2FA as well.   Prior to this week, I could m...
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    12 months ago

    Hey @RichB 

    So, I can’t speak for our customers.  However, I can tell you that we in the LogicMonitor support org are regularly in our own portals and I have not heard of anyone noticing irregular behavior with their session timeouts not being inline with their own settings.  

    I also did a cursory look through internal communication and recent support tickets and didn’t see anything popping out.  

    However, if you are still experiencing any abnormal behavior I would suggest you reaching out to the LogicMonitor support team so we can take a look!