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2 years ago

Logicmodule License Structure

Can someone help me with the logic monitor license structure? How it is consumed and what are the license types? Does it takes separate license for each logicmonitor tools like LM cloud,APM,LOGS etc?...
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    2 years ago

    There are a few different buckets:

    • Device - this is a traditional device that you monitor from a collector. You are licensed for the number of IP addresses the collector talks to, not the amount of data you talk about. A device could have basic monitoring, or it could have 50,000 instances, the license consumed is still 1.
    • Cloud resources - Azure, AWS, GCP: the number of objects monitored in LM. This could be the number of EC2 instances, VMs, functions, storage buckets, etc. Each object consumes 1 license. If you have lots of data about one object and little data about another, it’s still just 1 cloud resource license each.
    • Websites - this is basic synthetics. Each website you are monitoring (ping or http, sourced from your local collector(s) or sourced from LM collector(s)) consumes a single license.
    • LM Logs - this is billed per GB of logs ingested into LM. If it doesn’t show up in LM Logs, you’re not billed for it.

    There are other buckets, but they are overly complicated in how they are licensed, so I’ll leave that to LM/your CSM.