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4 years ago

Logic Monitor and MS Teams

LM Community,

Is LogicMonitor configurable to monitor Microsoft Teams environments? I use LogicMonitor in the NOC that I am employed. LM works great with our data network clients but we have some UC customer and the tools we use could be a lot better and if LM is compatible it would be a game changer for us!


Thank you in advance for any info!


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    LM can pretty much monitor anything if the data can be retrieved in some programmable way. The first question I ask anyone to figure out when something like this comes up is this: "How do you manually monitor this thing today?" Answer that question and you'll be on your way to figuring out how to monitor something in LM. For example, I am tracking my imaginary stock portfolio, the national debt, and COVID case data in my LM.

    That said, have you searched the exchange? There is a pretty good O365 package out there that I think includes some Teams stuff.