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2 years ago

LM PY SDK error on swagger_client


Im working on a script in python to add website checks. but the sdk documentation ( uses the following:


for instance in addWebsite:



body = swagger_client.models.Website(


it then gives me the following error: "swagger_client" is not defined


and i cannot find documentation on how to set this up.


Hope someone can help me.

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  • You don't have to make it a swagger client. You can just make it a Python dictionary. I was able to add a website like this:

    body = {
        "domain": "",
        "steps": [
                'auth': None,
                'description': '',
                'enable': True,
                'follow_redirection': True,
                'fullpage_load': False,
                'http_body': '',
                'http_headers': '',
                'http_method': 'GET',
                'http_version': '1.1',
                'invert_match': False,
                'keyword': '',
                'label': '',
                'match_type': 'plain',
                'name': '__step0',
                'path': '',
                'post_data_edit_type': None,
                'req_script': '',
                'req_type': 'config',
                'require_auth': False,
                'resp_script': '',
                'resp_type': 'config',
                'schema': 'http',
                'status_code': '',
                'timeout': 30,
                'type': 'config',
                'url': '',
                'use_default_root': True


  • Oh yeah, the examples assume your import statement looks like this:

    import logicmonitor_sdk as swagger_client