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2 months ago


It is possible to put the LM logs module on a resource in SDT, therefore supressing all LM logs alerts on that resource. The isn't a problem when polling via SNMP/WMI etc. because when the issue is resolved in SDT the alert clears.

However, with LM logs when the SDT period is over the alert remains it is then processed and an incident is raised.

How does everyone else get around this? The plan I currently have is to create a front-end for SDT on another system and then when SDT clears to immediately acknowledge the LM logs alerts. This will actually achieve a number of things for me - forcing users to add details to SDT notes (either via predefined fields), restricting the SDT period and making sure we don't have a number of unnecessary LM logs incidents being raised.


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  • We don't have an automatic way of handling this. What we do is encourage the engineer to look at the device and ensure the alerts are cleared as part of the post-change process. It's not great, but it's all we've come up with.