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3 years ago

LM collection Consul Health /Metrics


Is it possible to monitor the state of the Consul (  and its metrics in LM?

Counters and metrics like these:

  • Hostname of the Consul Leader
  • How many Consul Servers are active
  • Consul Servers/Clients count
  • Consul PID  (for restart monitoring)
  • Some information like CPU Idle and load
  • Metrics like data written to disk and to other Consul Servers

If so, how to implement it in the Monitor?
Can have examples with description/configuration?

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    The answer to any question like "can LM monitor X?" is almost always yes. Because the real question is whether or not the data is monitorable. If it's monitorable, as in there is an API that can be accessed from your Collector, then it should be doable in LM. 

    The first step is to identify the requirements for getting into their API and fetching the data you're interested in. Then script it. A Groovy script is easiest to bring into LogicMonitor, but it could be Powershell, or any other language (provided the Collector can interpret that language). Once you have a script that will pull the data from the API and print it to the screen, it's just a matter of changing the print statement to output to the proper syntax and drop the script into a Datasource.