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3 years ago

List of metrics monitored

I've searched, but could not find a list of metrics that are monitored for each platform. Does one exist, or would you have to examine each module that monitors?

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    I don't think one exists. What's your goal?

  • Hi, we're looking to review what metrics Logic Monitor can collect and report on, to see if it can monitor what we consider the most important KPI's.



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    Ah, then your question is, "what's available out of the box", not "what can LM monitor". The difference is that LM can monitor just about anything you want to monitor given its extensibility. Add the Exchange into the mix and there could be several thousand different groups of technologies that can be monitored either out of the box, or with a few clicks to install from the Exchange.

    This is usually what we cover during our Proof of Value (trial). The PoV typically lasts two weeks, you usually have access to all of LM's features and you can add your devices into monitoring during that time. What's available out of the box is more than 2800 different modules that cover various pieces of technology. It's not a simple list and because of its complexity, there's isn't really a single comprehensive list. It also grows with every release.

    If you're not in an active trial at the moment, this is probably the best route to take. We can discuss the KPIs you're looking for and show you how they can be accomplished, most likely using out of the box capabilities.